ARMA provides farm Insurance that covers the key risks farmers and producers face.

Farm Insurance to reduce the risks faced by primary producers

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Tailored Insurance

Making a living off the land can be challenging and complex at the best of times – and no two farms are the same.

That’s why we have developed insurance solutions that cover the key risks farmers face, whilst still being flexible enough to meet their unique needs and requirements.

Hobby Farm? ARMA can help

All farms, even small-scales ones that are operated as a hobby, carry inherent risks. Farming is a dangerous activity, and in most cases requires handling unpredictable animals and heavy, expensive machinery. Therefore it is wise to put in place adequate Hobby Farm Insurance to protect you should something go wrong.

Hobby Farm Insurance is different to large Farm Insurance as it is a specific policy that covers the niche risks associated with running a small-scale farm.

What we Insure

Whether it’s your crops, livestock or farm machinery that needs to be insured an Agribusiness Insurance Package can include cover for the following:
  • Crop insurance

  • Farm package insurance
  • Farm building insurance
  • Farm contents insurance
  • Agricultural insurance
  • Farmers liability insurance
  • Livestock insurance
  • Machinery breakdown and refrigerated stock insurance
  • Fire, fencing, farm machinery and sundry items insurance
  • Farm working dogs insurance
  • Hail insurance
  • Harvest grain and hay insurance
  • Chemical overspray insurance
  • Farm motor insurance

  • Livestock intrusion insurance

  • Straying livestock insurance

  • Poultry insurance

  • Veterinarian insurance

  • Winery insurance

As a small business ourselves, we get it – you want to get on with growing your business and know that you are protected. Our job is to make sure you are!

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(02) 6382 6022